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AHRC Principle Investigator: Sustainability and subsistence systems in a changing Sudan. CI Prof. Katherine Homewood (UCL Anthropology, (Nov 2013 – Aug 2016). Funded through the AHRC theme ‘Care for the Future’

AHRC GCRF Principle Investigator: Learning from the past: Nubian traditional knowledge and agricultural resilience, crop choices and endangered cultural heritage (Follow on grant, for impact and engagement Nov 2017 – Aug 2018).

Institute of BioArchaeology: A holistic view of plant uses within traditional agroecological settings in the middle Nile valley (fieldwork grant, 2019)



NERC Co-I:  Evolutionary dynamics of vegetative agriculture in the Ethiopian Highlands - Integrating archaeobotanical and genomic science to address food security and climate change (PI UCL, 2022 - 2025)


AHRC GCRF Co-I: SOIL-SAFE: Employing archaeological insights in the co-design of agricultural soil erosion mitigation (2019 – 2021, PI - University of York). Focusing on the world heritage site of Konso.

Bentham-Moxon Trustees: Local crops and resilience to climate change in northern Ethiopia ( field work grant 2020).


AHRC GCRF Co-I: Indigenous food systems, biocultural heritage and agricultural resilience (2019 – 2021, PI -International Institute for Environment and Development). With case-studies in coastal Kenya and  the Himalaya (NE India, and SW China). 

 AHRC / ESRC GCRF Principle Investigator: Indigenous engagement, research partnerships, and knowledge mobilisation case-study award (2018 and travel award 2019 to attend associated conference in Rio di Janeiro). 



Kew Pilot Fund, 2019-2020: UPIN – Utility and invasiveness: a long relationship between plants and people –  a globally focused analysis of useful plants,  invasive plants, plant distributions and invasive plants. 

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